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Basement Flooding is on the Rise

Basement flooding is stressful, destructive, and unfortunately, over the past decade, it has become increasingly common for Canadian homeowners. Extreme weather, aging municipal infrastructure, and lack of preventative maintenance at the household level have resulted in an average price tag of $40,000 to restore a flooded basement in the Greater Toronto Area (Insurance Bureau of Canada, 2017).

A homeowner’s best defense is to understand flood risks and take preventative action before the next big storm hits.

Protect What Matters Most: Your Home and Your Family’s Peace of Mind. The Home Flood Protection Program is Here to Help

The Home Flood Protection Program is developed by the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo to help homeowners reduce their risk of basement flooding and minimize damage if flooding occurs. The program provides free online self-help resources and a custom, fee-for-service flood-risk evaluation, known as the ‘Home Flood Protection Assessment.’

Home Flood Protection Assessments are available to owners of single-detached homes in Burlington, Ontario throughout 2017. Funding is generously provided by the Province of Ontario and the City of Burlington. Lessons learned in Burlington will inform a nation-wide flood risk reduction program that will provide Canadians with the practical resources they need to reduce their risk of basement flooding.

In addition to the Home Flood Protection Assessment, Burlington homeowners will have the opportunity to volunteer for a confidential University of Waterloo Home Flood Protection Study. This study tallies program impacts and provides critical insights that will help adapt and streamline the program for national rollout.

Note: The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation operates independently of all funders, and does not financially benefit from the sale or promotion of any products or services.

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