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Environment Journal, December 10, 2020: Institutional Investors Apply New Climate Risk Matrices
“A suite of CRMs, developed for a range of industry sectors, would immediately help institutional investors manage their portfolios in a manner consistent with direction described by TCFD,” says Dr. Blair Feltmate, head of the Intact Centre.
iHeartRadio (HOT TALK: A Climate Change Podcast), December 23, 2020: EP 9 “What Should Canada Do Next?”

Dr. Blair Feltmate, along with Chris Ragan, a Canadian Economist, and Kathy Bardswick from Canadian Institute For Climate Choices, discussed the implications and impacts of the climate change plan announced recently by the Canadian government on Hot Talk hosted by Elliott Cappell.

Corporate Knights, December 15, 2020: Gambling on climate disaster-preparedness is high risk

“Discussions around climate risk disclosure have tended to focus on the impacts of shifting climate policy and other transition risks rather than on the physical risks that climate change poses to infrastructure, supply chains and asset values”, said Natalia Moudrak, director for climate resilience at the Waterloo-based Intact Centre for Climate Adaptation.

Blair Feltmate on Straight Talk Rogers TVRogers TV, December 3, 2020: Climate Change on Your Doorstep

Dr. Blair Feltmate is interviewed in a panel discussion on climate change with Andy Campbell and Aisha Chiandet. The discussion is moderated by Doug Maund for the Rogers TV Straight Talk Segment.

Under One Umbrella Report Cover ENPrevention Web, November 25, 2020: Under one umbrella: Practical approaches for reducing flood risks in Canada

“Practical solutions outlined in these guidelines and standards can be deployed today to limit and/or mitigate flood risks in Canada. These solutions range from simple home maintenance and renovations to more sophisticated community-planning approaches and regulations, business-wide activities, and infrastructure upgrades. The purpose of this report is to profile these solutions in a consolidated form — under one “umbrella” — so that Canadians can put them into action.

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