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Beyond the Bulletin Podcast, February 26, 2021: Episode 79 – Research Relevance, Faculty Salary, Weather Contest

Professor Blair Feltmate, from the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, shares his proven methods for getting research before policy-makers, creating partnerships with industry, and informing the public through the media.

Canada’s National Observer, February 19, 2021: Texas disaster shows need for climate audits of power grids, experts say

Also covered by Toronto Star, The Sattlefords News-Optimist

Dr. Blair Feltmate, a professor and head of the Intact Centre, said the centre brought together more than a dozen people with decades of experience from Canada’s transmission and distribution sector and had them identify the top issues with each risk, as well as important mitigation measures.

The results are compiled in the 2020 report, Factoring climate risk into financial valuation. With flooding, for example, the key climate risk was that water levels climb to the point where electrical clearances aren’t high enough, and it presents a public safety hazard.

The Globe and Mail, February 18, 2021: Canadian cities not doing enough to mitigate flood risks, report says

“There is still a lack of appreciation in the country for the need to act with urgency to mitigate flood risk” Dr. Blair Feltmate, the centre’s head, said when discussing the findings in the Climate Change and the Preparedness of 16 Major Canadian Cities to Limit Flood Risk report recently released by the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation.

Dr. Feltmate said the lack of progress reflects a prevailing attitude toward climate change in Canada. Much attention has been focused on reducing the country’s emissions, but little has been paid to adapting to the consequences.

Global News, February 18, 2021: Study indicates Canadian cities not doing enough to lower flood risk, earn ‘C+’ grade

“There’s almost only maybe 10 or 15 per cent of the discussion focused on ‘how do we address the extreme weather risk that’s on the ground today,’ and then ‘how do we better prepare for the increasing risk that’s coming in the future?’” Dr. Blair Feltmate discussed the findings in the Climate Change and the Preparedness of 16 Major Canadian Cities to Limit Flood Risk report recently released by the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation.

Finance Post, February 18, 2021: With spring around the corner, Canadian cities score an uninspiring C+ on flood preparedness

Also covered by Globe Newswire, University of Waterloo, Conservation Council of New BrunswickThe Canadian Business Journal, Insurance Business Canada, Toronto Star, Winnipeg Free Press, Edmonton Journal, HalifaxTodayWater Canada, Yahoo Finance  Digital Journal, TimesNow CanadaThe Canadian NewsStockhouse, EIN Presswire,

Canadian cities received an uninspiring grade on flood preparedness, the costliest type of natural disaster, a new national study has found.

The study, conducted by the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo, shows that many cities have made little progress to limit their risk of flooding over the past five years. In a survey of 16 municipalities, cities scored an average C+ in flood-readiness in 2019/20 — the same score a near-identical study found in 2015.

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