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Speaking Municipally Podcast, October 6, 2020: Michael Walters on Edmonton Flood Preparedness

Councillor Michael Walters is interviewed by Troy Pavlek on the Speaking Municipally Podcast. In this clip of the podcast, Walters describes the state of flood preparedness in Edmonton and the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation. Listen to the full podcast here:

Canadian Underwriter, October 2, 2020: Intact’s plan to help you advise your client on disaster resilience

“The Intact Centre says homeowners can do several things, without spending any money, to reduce basement flood risk. Among them are cleaning out eavestroughs, checking for leaks in plumbing and appliances, removing debris from the nearest storm drain, ditch or culvert, and checking the sump pump.

Other measures homeowners can take – which would cost them money – include extending downspouts and sump discharge pipes at least two metres from foundations, and hiring a contractor to correct grading so that water drains to a point at least two metres away from the foundation, the Intact Centre recommends.”

REMI Network, September 30: FireSmart measures begin with maintenance

“Nearly 30 per cent of the population is potentially exposed to wildfire risk,” observes Natalia Moudrak, director of climate resilience with the University of Waterloo’s Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation. “The average wildfire we’ve seen recently grows to be half the size of Nova Scotia, and that’s twice the size as (the average) in the 1970s.”


The Globe and Mail, September 29, 2020: Socially conscious data key for investors: OECD

“Kathryn Bakos, the director of the Climate Finance and Science Program for the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo, said that while Canada is moving in the right direction when it comes to disclosure, the country is not moving fast enough. For about a decade, the Canadian Securities Administrators, which is composed of regulators from each of the 10 provinces and three territories, has required that publicly traded companies disclose material climate risks. The problem, Ms. Bakos said, is that there is some ambiguity when it comes to assessing the materiality of climate-change related risks.”



China Water Risk, September 18: A Practical Approach To Factoring Climate Risk Into Financial Valuation

“The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation recently released the report “Factoring Climate Risk into Financial Valuation”, supported by the Global Risk Institute, Scotiabank, Intact Financial and University of Waterloo.”

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