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Find below excerpts from recent news about climate adaptation and flooding, and scroll below for all media in the last four years.

Recent Media Articles:

Globe and Mail, January 2019: “A new report from the think tank pegs flooding in major urban centres as Canada’s costliest and fastest-growing extreme-weather challenge, with implications for everything from residential insurance premiums to municipal credit ratings. It cites data from the Insurance Bureau of Canada that show payouts for catastrophic losses jumped from an average $405-million a year between 1983 and 2008 to a yearly average of $1.8-billion since 2009, with flooding accounting for more than half of the increase…It makes the case for a national framework to limit flood risks in communities by taking into account factors such as local design standards, aging infrastructure and whether a region has a history of extensive flooding.” Read more here.

Canadian Underwriter, January 2019: “A standard on flood resiliency for commercial real estate could be coming out this year. The Intact Centre for Climate Adaptation is working on a document intended to help commercial insurance brokers and real estate companies reduce flood risk for commercial property, said Blair Feltmate, head of the Intact Centre, in an interview with Canadian Underwriter…During such storms, water tends to build up on the street, said Feltmate. “Then the ramp into the underground parking almost functions as a conduit to direct water into underground parking. If you were to design a way to put water underground into a parking lot, you couldn’t do better.”” Read more here.

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