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Find below excerpts from recent news about climate adaptation and flooding, and scroll below for all media in the last four years.

Recent Media Articles:

CTV, April 2019: “A new, multi-year project carried out by Waterloo’s Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation has identified the most common flood risks for Canadian homeowners, and has identified the most cost-effective steps that homeowners can take to protect themselves from basement flooding. In light of a major report recently released from Environment and Climate Change Canada, highlighting the increasing risk of future flooding, guidance on home flood protection is timely.” Read more here.

CBC, April 2019: “Flooding is the biggest challenge”linked to climate change for most homeowners, said Natalia Moudrak, director of climate resilience at the University of Waterloo’s Intact Centre. And there are measures homeowners can take now to safe address flooding. If a homeowner has a pump to get water out of a basement, “it’s important to install a backup generator,” she said. Widespread flooding often leads to power outages, leaving regular pumps useless when they’re most needed.” Read more here.

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