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Recent Reports

Water on the Rise: Protecting Canadian Homes from the Growing Threat of Flooding (April 2019): by Cheryl Evans and Dr. Blair Feltmate. This report outlines the key findings of the Home Flood Protection Program to date regarding practical best practices for basement flood protection educators and residents to reduce their flood risk. Click here for an infographic about the report.

Weathering the Storm: Developing a Canadian Standard for Flood-Resilient Existing Communities (January 2019): by Natalia Moudrak and Dr. Blair Feltmate. This report outlines a range of solutions that can be deployed practically and cost-effectively within communities to reduce flood risk. It also introduces a new prioritization framework for selecting areas within communities that should be targeted for retrofits. The report will inform the development of a new National Standard of Canada. Click here for an infographic about the report.

Too Small to Fail: Protecting Canadian Communities from Floods (November 2018): by Dr. Blair Feltmate and Anna Fluder. This report showcases practical actions that communities and organizations (i.e. municipal governments, non-governmental organizations, conservation authorities) could engage to limit flood risk at a local or community scale.

Combatting Canada’s Rising Flood Costs: Natural infrastructure is an underutilized option (September 2018): by Natalia Moudrak and Dr. Blair Feltmate. The key message of the report is Canada cannot afford to lose more natural infrastructure assets, like wetlands and ponds in its overall effort to limit the growing costs of floods, droughts and other natural disasters. Click here for an infographic about the report.

After the Flood: The Impact of Climate Change on Mental Health and Lost Time From Work (June 2018): by Dana Decent and Dr. Blair Feltmate. The report profiles the results of 100 door-to-door interviews with households in flooded communities, identifying health impacts and financial costs such as lost time from work. Click here for the report and click here for an infographic about the report.

Recent Announcements

September 2017: New Press Release “Standard Will Help Make New Communities Flood-Resilient: Canada is Ahead of the Curve” – read more here.

September 2017: Blair Feltmate and Natalia Moudrak named to Canada’s Clean50 – read more here.

August 2017: Blair Feltmate to chair Expert Panel on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Results – read more here.

July 2017: the Intact Centre releases the report “When the Big Storms Hit: the Role of Wetlands to Limit Urban and Rural Flood Damage – read more here.

March 2017: Standards Council of Canada and the Intact Centre join forces – read more here

January 2017: Natalia Moudrak to Represent Canada at the (ISO) as a Subject Matter Expert on Storm Water Management

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