Dr. Blair Feltmate – Un-Natural Alliances: Ecological and Financial Interests Align Under a Changing Climate

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University of Toronto Sustainability Conference – As advances in sustainability and renewable energy proposals become increasingly prominent; policymakers, business leaders, and even individuals share the responsibility of implementing and incorporating these proposals into pre-existing systems. Much has been talked about, and many ideas have been exchanged, but what has been done and what should be done?

Under the theme of “Ideas to Impact”, the 2016 UofT Sustainability Conference aims to envision the transition of sustainable projects from ideas and proposals to policies and ventures that will have lasting impact on both local and global communities. The conference brings together and connects individuals and groups from a variety of backgrounds: government, university, corporate, etc., in order to discuss the realization of sustainability within their sectors. How do we get from ideas to impact? That is the question we aim to address with the 2016 UofT Sustainability Conference.