The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (ICCA) is focused on three key areas that will reduce climate change and extreme weather risk for home owners, governments and businesses. Read more about our programs in our brochure.

1. The Home Adaptation Assessment Program (HAAP) helps homeowners identify, install and maintain cost effective measures to reduce their risk of basement flooding. During the HAAP home evaluation, homeowners and a trained HAAP Assessor engage in a practical, problem-solving conversation while they review 50 points of potential water entry into the home. A prioritized list of short and long-term actions is provided in an easy-to-read report that also includes information about available subsidies, do-it-yourself fact sheets and tips for selecting qualified contractors. A customer help-line, seasonal maintenance reminders and a user-friendly website provide ongoing customer support. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions, or  sign up here for updates.

2. The Natural Infrastructure Adaptation Program (NIAP) helps communities across Canada to reduce the risk of flooding through three areas of focus:
– Advancing the design and implementation of characteristics for building communities that are more resilient to flooding
– Evaluating the potential of natural infrastructure (e.g., wetlands) to reduce the impacts of flooding and to create healthier and more livable communities
– Researching the impacts of changing climate and extreme weather on financial institutions and investigating the business case for climate adaptation in the financial services sector

3. The Corporate-Specific Adaptation Program (CSAP) focuses on engaging business sectors (e.g., commercial real estate, electricity, telecommunications, etc.) to identify climate change and extreme weather risks, and to subsequently establish practical and cost-effective means to limit those risks.