Intact Centre Staff

Below find information about the team members who make up the Intact Centre.

headshot of Dr. Blair Feltmate

Dr. Blair Feltmate, Head

Blair is Head, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, University of Waterloo. Previous positions Blair has held include Vice President, Sustainable Development, Bank of Montreal; Director, Sustainable Development, OPG; and Partner, Sustainable Investment Group/YMG Capital Management.  Blair has written textbooks on environmental science, banking and sustainable development. He is generally interviewed by the media 100-150 times per year.  He is involved in the creation of several climate adaptation Standards with the Canadian Standards Association, and he is Chair, Federal Government of Canada Expert Panel on Climate Adaptation.

Cheryl Evans, Headshot

Cheryl Evans, Director of the Home Flood Protection Program

Cheryl has 15 years of experience in environment-focused communications, program development and project management in the KW Region. She holds a B.E.S in Environment & Resource Studies from the University of Waterloo. Cheryl is responsible for the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of the Home Flood Protection Program.

Natalia Moudrak, headshot

Natalia Moudrak, Director of the Infrastructure Adaptation Program

Natalia has experience in sustainability strategy, operationalization, reporting and business case development across a wide range of industry sectors and client organizations. Prior to joining the Intact Centre, Natalia worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada, Risk Assurance Services. Natalia holds a B.A in Economics and a M.A. in Urban Planning from the University of Waterloo. Natalia is a subject matter expert on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO Technical Committee 224 for storm water management). Natalia is responsible for the development, implementation and improvement of the Infrastructure Adaptation Program.

Dana Decent, Headshot

Dana Decent, Manager

Dana has six years of experience in sustainable business operations, reporting and research across corporate, government and non-profit sectors including roles with Sun Life Financial and Sustainability CoLab. Dana manages the Intact Centre’s operational functions, leads a research project on health and flooding, and provides research support for the Centre’s team members.

Janet Szydlowski headshot

Janet Szydlowski, Home Flood Protection Program Assistant

Janet has more than 25 years of experience in customer service as a registered insurance broker in the Waterloo Region, and over three years of experience working in community engagement in the non-profit sector. Janet provides administrative assistance and research support for the Home Flood Protection Program, supporting RFP and RFQ processes.

Rob Leone, Headshot

Rob Leone, Home Flood Protection Program Coordinator

Rob has five years of experience leading environmental education and community engagement programs across the non-profit and public sectors. Rob holds an Honours B.A. in Environmental Policy & Practice from the University of Toronto. Rob manages the large-scale planning, delivery, and evaluation of the Home Flood Protection Program in Burlington, Ontario.

Taylor Legere, Headshot

Taylor Legere, Web Specialist and Research Assistant

Taylor is a current Arts and Business undergrad at the University of Waterloo, majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies. Taylor is working part-time with the Intact Centre, and helps to manage the website content in addition to assisting with research initiatives.