ICCA Staff

Dr. Blair Feltmate, Head

Relevant Experience: Blair has over two decades of experience leading sustainability programs in business and government. Previously Blair was a Vice President of Sustainable Development at the Bank of Montreal and directed sustainability programs at Ontario Power Generation. Blair holds a Ph.D in Theoretical and Applied Ecology from the University of Toronto.

Role: As the Head of the Intact Centre, Blair is responsible for execution of the Intact Centre’s mission and fundraising.

Cheryl Evans, Director of the Home Adaptation Assessment Program (HAAP)

Relevant Experience: Cheryl has fifteen years of experience in environment-focused communications, program development and project management in Waterloo Region. Cheryl holds a B.E.S in Environment & Resource Studies from the University of Waterloo.

Role: Cheryl is responsible for HAAP’s development, implementation and continuous improvement.

Natalia Moudrak, Director of the Natural Infrastructure Adaptation Program (NIAP)

Relevant Experience: Natalia has over five years of experience in sustainability strategy, operationalization, reporting and business case development across a wide range of industry sectors and client organizations. Natalia holds a B.A in Economics and a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Waterloo.

Role: Natalia is responsible for NIAP’s development, implementation and continuous improvement.

Dana Decent, Manager

Relevant Experience and Role: Dana has five years of experience in sustainable business operations, reporting and research across corporate, government and non-profit sectors. Dana holds a B.E.S (Honours) in Environment & Business from the University of Waterloo.

Role: Dana manages ICCA’s operational functions and provides research support for the Centre’s programs.

Janet Szydlowski, Home Adaptation Assessment Program (HAAP) Assistant

Relevant Experience: Janet has more than 25 years of experience in customer service as a registered insurance broker in the Waterloo Region, and over three years of experience working in community engagement in the non-profit sector.

Role: Janet provides administrative assistance and research support for the Home Adaptation Assessment Program, supporting RFP and RFQ processes.

Maha Rizvi, Operations and Research Coordinator

Relevant Experience: Maha is a current undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo, and is part of the Intact Centre as a Co-op student. Maha is studying Honours Economics and Business with a minor in Human Resources Management.

Role: Maha analyzes the centre’s communication initiatives, manages the website and social media, and supports the research and administrative functions.

Rob Leone, Home Adaptation Assessment Program (HAAP) Coordinator

Relevant Experience: Rob has five years of experience leading environmental education and community engagement programs across the non-profit and public sectors. Rob holds an Honours B.A. in Environmental Policy & Practice from the University of Toronto.

Role: Rob manages the large-scale planning, delivery, and evaluation of HAAP in Burlington, Ontario.

Sarah Lukaszczyk, Home Adaptation Assessment Program (HAAP) Researcher

Relevant Experience: Sarah is a current undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo. Sarah is studying climate change and conflict studies with past co-op placements in green infrastructure and international development.

Role: Sarah helps with program development by researching municipal incentives for basement flood risk reduction, and identifying and evaluating educational resources for homeowners.