Home Adaptation Assessment Program

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The Home Adaptation Assessment Program

Over the past decade, an increase in the frequency and severity of extreme rainfall events, aging municipal infrastructure and inadequate flood protection measures at the household level have all contributed to significant increases in basement flood damage costs across Canada. More specifically, property and casualty insurance claims have more than doubled in the past decade, with basement flooding being a central cause.

The Home Adaptation Assessment Program (HAAP) is a basement-flood risk-reduction program. The program integrates international best practices for household flood prevention with input from homeowners and municipal engineers. Cheryl Evans is the Director of the HAAP.

HAAP helps homeowners reduce the risk of basement flooding and minimize damage when flooding occurs. Free web resources available to all homeowners include risk-prevention checklists, how-to videos, tips for finding qualified contractors, questions to ask your insurance company and information about local subsidies for home flood prevention measures.

One-on-one support is available to individual households through a Home Adaptation Assessment. For a small fee, a trained HAAP assessor will take homeowners through a 50-point examination of potential water entry into the home and help develop a prioritized action plan to reduce risk. A customer help-line, follow-up surveys, and seasonal maintenance reminders provide additional support to homeowners. HAAP’s approach is developed in consultation with local government, conservation authorities and community groups, ensuring that HAAP enhances and is complementary to existing flood-risk-mitigation programs.

The first large-scale phase of the development of HAAP will be carried out in Burlington, ON. Web resources developed by HAAP will support Burlington’s city-wide flood-risk-reduction education campaign over the next two years. This includes plans to conduct 4,000 home assessments in designated neighbourhoods by the end of 2017, with the first 500 to be completed in this year. These will be carefully selected to be representative of neighbourhoods across Ontario (based on home size and age, age and type of municipal infrastructure and past experience with flood risk). Lessons learned from HAAP delivery in Burlington will inform a broader rollout of the program across Ontario.

The announcement of funding for the HAAP pilot in Burlington received significant news coverage, see links below.

Additional information about the HAAP experimental design, the names of the designated neighbourhoods and registration details will be announced this fall. Sign up here for updates.